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Data Visualization Resources

Here are off-site links to examples demonstrating different visualization techniques.

Network Graphs


Interactive, animated depiction of water levels in California reserviors combines a map with chart of historical and current data.

Realtime Internet Attack Map earns the "visualization most like a video game" award. I need to upgrade up the visual design of my visualizations.

Animated Statistics

Hans Rosling's TED presentation from way back in 2006 is still relevant as a model of using visualization to help reveal patterns in historical data. He's clearly passionate about the subject.

One of the world development visualizations from Han Rosling's presentation recreated using Google Public Data Explorer

Various Examples

Tools and Libraries

See Also

Edward R. Tufte ("ET") is a seminal figure in the field of information design. His books are recommended to anyone interested in depicting information concisely and clearly. One of his most widely-cited works is a criticism of the way information was presented regarding the ill-fated Space Shuttle Challenger launch. This serves as a clear reminder that poor presentation of data can lead to bad decisions.