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Mutant Ant

A collection of software experiments

I'm Wayne Robinson, a software developer currently located in the Tampa, Florida area. The projects on this site serve primarily as a chance to try out new tools or languages. As an added bonus, they allow me to indulge my curiosity about a dataset I either generated or found. As works-in-progress they're intended primarily to show friends and colleagues to gather feedback.

The majority of my recent professional experience has been with Java backend server development for a system hosted on Amazon Web Services. To balance that, most of these personal projects involve HTML/CSS/JS frontend web development.

Data Visualization Experiments

These ongoing attempts to represent data in interactive graphical form have brief About sections with project notes.

Internet Map and Graph Comparing alternate visualizations of Internet Routes : traceroute paths in both map and logical views

Using Python, HTML/CSS/JS, Google Maps API, Gephi, D3, Leaflet, PHP, MySQL

Enron Graph Exploring Social Relationships in E-mail : communication patterns in the Enron e-mail archive

Using Java, D3js, HTML/CSS/JS

Rollercoaster graphs Graphing Rollercoaster Acceleration Forces : g-forces experienced on different rollercoasters

Using Android/Java, Excel

How about some other examples of data visualization?

Here are some links to good visualizations and tools.

Why Mutant Ant?

'Cause all the good domain names were already taken.